Healthworks Fitness gives back health and wellness to the Dorchester community

Hannah Kempski | 9/17/2008, 5:20 a.m.
Kora Blair and Gina Carney instruct students on how to use the new interactive “sport wall” inside Healthworks at Codman, a partnership between Healthworks Fitness Centers and Codman Square Health Center. Healthworks

Further inspired by women supporting each other in each of their five fitness facilities, the Healthworks Foundation opened its first nonprofit fitness center seven years ago at St. Mary’s Center in Dorchester. With the influence of the “women helping women” mindset, the foundation fulfills its mission “to fund outreach projects and non-profit fitness centers that lead to the health, betterment, and empowerment of women and children in the Dorchester community.”

The foundation also partners with other nonprofit organizations in the Greater Boston region that address the needs of women and children in the areas of health, wellness and athletics, violence prevention and survival, and economic empowerment through financial contributions and volunteer efforts.

By giving opportunities for both the well and unwell to participate in regular, low cost fitness programs, it is the hope of the Healthworks Foundation that deconditioned people will improve and those in good health will be able to develop a lifelong fitness plan. To date, Healthworks at St. Mary’s has served over 5,000 women in the community through its fitness and support programming.

“I feel absolutely on top of the world physically and emotionally,” said Lucy, a member of Healthworks at St. Mary’s since 2002. “When I walk out of the Foundation Center’s door, I can face what this world has to give me.”

Now, with Healthworks at Codman, the Healthworks Foundation is expanding its market beyond women to include children’s fitness. Healthworks at Codman is located at 450 Washington Street in Dorchester. For more information, call 617-825-2800 or visit www.healthworksfoundation.org.

Hannah Kempski is the marketing director of Healthworks Fitness Centers.