McCain likens Obama to European socialists

Associated Press | 10/22/2008, 4:59 a.m.

McCain wants to retain all of the tax cuts that Bush won from Congress in 2001 and later years, reductions that applied at every level of income. Obama favors retaining Bush-era cuts except on taxpayers making more than about $250,000, whose taxes would revert to higher levels in effect a few years ago.

Earlier last Saturday, Palin urged supporters to turn “an underdog into a victor” as she pitched for votes at a baseball stadium in Lancaster, Pa., the only Democratic-leaning state that the McCain campaign is still aggressively contesting. However, state polls show Obama with a double-digit lead.

Obama picked up more newspaper endorsements last Saturday, gaining the support of the Denver Post, the (Portland) Oregonian, and the Miami Herald. McCain gained the support of the Dallas Morning News.

Polls consistently show that more Americans trust Obama to turn around the economy than McCain, whom Obama has linked with Bush’s unpopular policies.

For weeks, Obama has been ahead in national polls, but his leads have varied. While one major poll gave him a 14-point lead early last week, the daily Gallup tracking poll showed an 8-point advantage last Saturday.

An Associated Press analysis shows Obama with the advantage in states representing 264 electoral votes — just shy of the 270 needed for victory. McCain is favored in states representing 185 votes, with six states totaling 80 electoral votes up in the air.

Obama has the lead in all the states that John Kerry won in 2004. If he can hold those states and pick up Ohio or Florida — two big states won by Bush — or a series of smaller Bush states, he will win the presidency.

Associated Press writers Glen Johnson in North Carolina, David Espo in St. Louis and Mark Scolforo in Lancaster, Pa., contributed to this report.

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