Mass. activists rally at Fed, protest bank bailout

Associated Press | 10/1/2008, 4:39 a.m.

“I want to know what they’re gonna do to help us,” Colon said. “We’re gonna be on the street.”

Unfortunately, according to Noemi Ramos, head organizer of Boston ACORN, Colon’s tale is all too common — which makes the idea of using $700 billion to boost Wall Street firms a little hard to swallow for some.

“You’ve got people holding down two and three jobs just to be able to make their mortgage payments,” she said. “It’s a smack in taxpayers’ faces to talk about rescuing banks and not mention a single family that’s struggling.”

Ramos said the Massachusetts communities hardest-hit by foreclosures include Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan in Boston, and Springfield, Brockton and New Bedford statewide.

Representatives from the MAAPL’s member organizations said the collective plans to re-file a bill with the state Legislature in January that will call for a six-month freeze on all foreclosures in Massachusetts, giving both homeowners and overwhelmed lenders the chance to catch up.

Two other bills the group plans to reintroduce push for a judicial process for homeowners facing foreclosure and a just-cause eviction process to slow the number of tenant families forced out of their homes.

“We need the space to do this with quality,” Ramos said.

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